Ariana Grande and Ethan Slater Cool Time in NYC: Fashion, Fun, and Family Vibes

Ariana Grande and Ethan Slater Cool Time in NYC: Fashion, Fun, and Family Vibes

Hey, guess who we caught having a blast in New York City? It’s Ariana Grande and her boyfriend, Ethan Slater! These two, who just celebrated their first Christmas together, were out and about with Ariana’s dad, Ed Butera, for a night of fun in the city.

Stylish Night Out: Ariana Grande NYC Look

Ariana Grande, the 30-year-old music star, looked awesome during their night on the town. She wore a trendy halter neck string bikini, flaunting her legs with see-through tights and a black miniskirt. Ariana’s fashion was spot-on, rocking a cute button-up top with faux fur cuffs that matched her hat. With her classic ponytail and high-heels, she totally nailed the NYC glam look.

Easygoing Style: Ethan’s Night Gear

Ethan, the 31-year-old Broadway guy and Ariana Grande boyfriend, went for a comfy look for their night out. He rocked a black North Face jacket, Nike joggers, and black lace-up Nike sneakers. His laid-back style was the perfect contrast to Ariana’s dressed-up vibe. The couple looked totally into each other, with Ethan even locking arms with Ariana as they strolled around.

Family Hangout: Dinner and Broadway Excitement

Teaming up with Ariana’s dad, Ed, the trio had a chill family dinner at a nearby restaurant. Later, they hit up the St. James Theatre to catch the Broadway show Spamalot, where Ethan is doing his thing. Looks like the family had a blast, with Ariana sharing a fun video of her dad goofing off backstage.

Festive Twist: Christmas Celebrations

Ariana Grande recently spilled the beans on her Christmas celebrations, giving us a sneak peek into their holiday fun. She posted a pic of a SPAM can ornament, probably a nod to Ethan’s role in Spamalot. These lovebirds, who met on the set of Wicked in December 2022, are making memories and living it up in NYC.

Love Journey: Dubai to the Big Apple

Ariana and Ethan’s love story went public in November during a sweet holiday in Dubai. This came after Ariana’s split from Dalton Gomez was all wrapped up in October. Now, they’ve taken things up a notch, sharing a place in NYC while Ethan rocks it out in Spamalot. They first met in the UK on the set of Wicked, where Ariana plays Glinda and Ethan is munchkin Boq.

Twists and Turns: Relationship Stories

Ariana Grande past and Ethan’s connection with his ex, Lilly, add some drama to their love tale. Lilly shared her side of the story in interviews, talking about the ups and downs. But Ariana and Ethan are pushing forward, enjoying their time together in the Big Apple.

In Ariana and Ethan’s world, NYC nights mean style, laughs, and family vibes. As their love story keeps going, fans are hooked on the warmth radiating from their adventures. Stay tuned for more updates from this adorable couple!