Seventeen Dino Instagram Takeover: A CARAT Extravaganza!

Seventeen Dino Instagram Takeover: A CARAT Extravaganza!

Are you ready Seventeen Dino Instagram Takeover? Hold on to your hats, CARATs! Dino, the youngest member of SEVENTEEN, just joined social media, and it’s making a lot of noise!

Seventeen Dino Instagram Takeover: Dino’s first post on Instagram is a surprise treat for CARATs.

Seventeen Dino Instagram Takeover: A CARAT Extravaganza!

The fun began on April 27, 2022, when Pledis Entertainment, the company that made SEVENTEEN, sent out a delightful surprise on Twitter. It was public knowledge that Dino had joined Instagram. Fans, who playfully call “CaRATs,” overjoy when their favorite idol joined the popular social media site.

Seventeen Dino Instagram Takeover: The mystery of the username “feat.dino” has been solved!

Dino didn’t just sneak onto Instagram with a normal name; he added some interesting puns to the mix. The name of his handle, “feat.dino,” comes from the character Pi Cheol In, whom he played in a Carat Land skit in 2021. “Pi Cheol In” in Korean means “featuring,” and that smart twist is the first part of his Instagram ID. Wow, what a clever and well-thought-out way to join Instagram!

The mystery of Dino’s all-black outfit has been solved.

What’s the best way to make a great Instagram start? Dino cares only about how things look! It wasn’t like the K-pop star just walked onto the platform; he wore a bold and stylish all-black outfit. Dino gave his excited fans three pictures that showed off both his obvious charm and his great sense of style. The pictures show him strolling slowly through what looks like an indoor garden, with seats and lots of greenery making the perfect background for his charming presence.

Seventeen Unity: DK and Seungkwan are in charge of the welcome committee.

Once word got out that Dino had joined Instagram, everyone was excited, not just his friends. DK and Seungkwan of SEVENTEEN were quick to be the first to welcome their new Instagram family member. Their friendly and funny comments set the tone for a flood of love from Dino’s friends on Instagram and Twitter, who were looking forward to seeing what he would post.

Seventeen Dino Instagram Takeover: Dino’s Instagram Victory: Taking Over Hearts and Records

After a few hours, Dino’s Instagram account is now a huge deal! He got an amazing 700,000 fans in just 5 hours and 20 minutes, which is pretty amazing. It’s not just the numbers that are impressive; what’s really amazing is how excited and eager the CARATs are. Dino’s first post, which was a beautiful picture, has received an amazing 690,000 likes and 63,500 comments, making him an even bigger star on Instagram.

The future of “feat.dino” looks like it will be full of more surprises.

As the curtain goes up on this new part of Dino’s story, it’s clear that CARATs are in for a treat! People on Instagram about to see Dino’s charm, skill, and behind-the-scenes moments in a way that has never seen before. Get ready to get into his world behind closed doors, because “feat.dino” is more than just a username; it’s a sign that surprises and fun are on the way. Hold on tight, CARATs, and enjoy the ride with Dino from SEVENTEEN!