Transgenic cars playfully combine art and activism

Today, seventeen activists will begin their cross-country journey aptly dubbed the “Are we eating fishy food” tour. The “fishy food” tour includes five transgenic GMO art carts designed to spread information…

The Fishy Fleet

Events coming to a city near YOU!

Get the whole story and meet the fishy food fleet:

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6 thoughts on “Transgenic cars playfully combine art and activism

  1. Three Well Beings Reply

    Fantastic! This is just great. I expect this caravan will make an impression and perhaps encourage a few good questions! Not long ago we were in Santa Monica and a large gathering was assembled on the boardwalk wearing “fish” hats/clothing with signs protesting “Frankenfish”–the genetically engineered fish. I think they were primarily preaching to the crowd, but to anyone sitting on the fence about these issues, it was at least a chance to further the dialogue. I hope I see one of these cars…I’ll give them a honk! 🙂

    • Ellice Campbell Post authorReply

      It was great to see them in person and to meet the whole fishy fleet!! I have to get a post up with the pictures, so much fun!

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