The Truth About Food Additives: An Infographic

 I found this awesome infographic on,  just in time for the 4th of July! Remember processed meats (hot dogs, bacon) are usually high in Nitrates , and these nitrates have also been linked to cancer among other health risks, avoid these whenever possible. If you do eat processed meats preserved with nitrates, eat something high in Vitamin C at the same time to help counteract the nitrates. Fresh fruits or veggies are best. Uncured varieties of processed meats are becoming readily available, Hormel even has a nitrate free line (Natural Choice). So when you do your shopping this week, be mindful of what is in your food & read the labels!!  I don’t expect you to pass up your favorite holiday foods, just make healthier choices!
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2 thoughts on “The Truth About Food Additives: An Infographic

  1. Anvil Artifacts Reply

    Wow! Can’t thank you enough for the information you’re posting. Good to have this information readily at hand. And thank you for the research you did on the salt substitute I’ve been using. Really appreciate it. Thank you!

  2. Kristen Reply

    Good information. While the other animal additives may sound gross to us, at least rennet from a cow’s stomach (or goat or sheep) is natural as opposed to the more common (unfortunately) genetically-engineered rennet.

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