The big business of deception: Essential Oils

The essential oil world can be an extremely confusing landscape to navigate and unfortunately, deception runs rampant.

Uneducated purveyors, unsafe recommendations and unsafe levels of synthetic chemicals are obstacles any new essential oil user will face.

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So where can you get accurate information? While we may live in the information age,  it could also be called the DIS-INFORMATION age with the amount of bad information any quick Google search can yield.  I always strive to provide you with the safe, reliable information and I knew it was time to address the issue.

I get my essential oils from  companies that are  willing to  test each batch for safety and efficacy,  to ensure that the oil is free of fillers, additives, synthetic ingredients and pesticide residue.  I want to know I am getting what I paid for.

Contrary to the rhetoric of the popular MLMs, are they REALLY the ONLY good essential oil companies in the world? OF COURSE NOT!!!! There are many fine oils available from smaller companies, but without proper testing of each batch, you just never know, and I don’t have the time or money to waste. But many people prefer to avoid MLMs, and I GET IT! The commonly recommended practice of applying oils neat can have lifelong consequences once you have  dermal sensitization.

According to the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy:

Dermal sensitization

Dermal sensitization is a type of allergic reaction. It occurs on first exposure to a substance, but on this occasion, the noticeable effect on the skin will be slight or absent. However, subsequent exposure to the same material, or to a similar one with which there is cross-sensitization, produces a severe inflammatory reaction brought about by cells of the immune system (T-lymphocytes).The reaction will be represented on the skin as blotchy or redness, which may be painful to some individuals.

The problem with dermal sensitization is that once it occurs with a specific essential oil the individual is most likely going to be sensitive to it for many years and perhaps for the remainder of his/her life. The best way to prevent sensitization is to avoid known dermal sensitizers and avoid applying the same essential oils every day for lengthy periods of time. Sensitization is, to an extent, unpredictable, as some individuals will be sensitive to a potential allergen and some will not.


The companies that I recommend for quality oils include doTERRA, Plant Therapy, & Nature’s Gift, all three do third party testing on their essential oils and have awesome customer service.


To Safe & Happy Oiling!!

If you have any questions or would like to purchase doTERRA essential oils, send me an email:

xo Ellice Campbell

16 thoughts on “The big business of deception: Essential Oils

  1. earthelegance Reply

    I love this, so informative. I’ve heard of companies doing this and it’s ridiculous. You had lots of informative reviews. Do you have any opinion on KIS OILS? I get my oils from them off of Amazon.

    • Ellice Campbell Post authorReply

      I am not familiar with that brand and I am leary of getting ANY oils from Amazon since there is the possibility of adulterated or counterfeit oils, and then there is always the issue of storing the oils properly before they are purchased. My personal preference is to always order directly from the company. I will check into that company and see what I can find out for you 🙂

    • Janice Reply

      I would only shop with Amazon if you can have 100% confidence in the merchant. The best and safest way to purchase oils is direct from the company. I purchase mine from They have 100% pure, therapeutic grade oils for literally half the price of others I checked into. The best part about the company is that they have over 450 other health and wellness products that are all less costly than local store bought versions.

      There is a ONE TIME membership cost of $29, but they drop $100 in the shopping cart to spend on anything in the store, which is an amazing incentive to try them out. I’ve been with them long enough to know the ins and outs about how to get the most out of the membership and will be happy to answer any questions. I have found the internet often does not provide 100% accurate information.

  2. Hugh Betcha ;) Reply

    Wow, thank you so much for this. As a newbie to essential oils, I recently (within the past month) purchased a total of 23 different oils from Eden’s Garden. I’ve emailed them a request to advise how I can return the entire set for a full refund. Thank you!!!!

      • Hugh Betcha ;) Reply

        Eden’s Garden responded to my email and sent me (via email) a pre-paid return mailing label plus a return authorization form. They have agreed to refund my entire purchase amounts for the two orders I’d made through them (23 oils in total). So, yes, it was a painless process. Thanks! 🙂

  3. healinglivingoils Reply

    Reblogged this on Healing, Living, Oils and commented:
    The BEST article on essential oils and deception!!!

    Thank you so much for the time and effort it took for you to compile an exhaustive list like this. I am a member of several “testing” groups and have learned that “cheaper is not always better” I am glad to see others on the quest to weed out good information from the dis-information that is out there.

    Read on my friends, to “be in the know”…

    If you would like to join is for our bi-monthly “oil shares” meeting where we laugh, eat, share and sniff! There is never pressure or obligation to buy. Shoot me a message if you plan to be in the Greenville, Texas area 🙂

  4. Jumpindogs Reply

    Thank you so very much for this article. As a new EO user it is really
    overwhelming trying to find a source of quality oils without supporting the
    inherently suspicious MLMs. I agree some of those MLMs prolly do have quality
    oils. But I personally dislike their business approach.

    I have used Young Living, Wisdom of the Earth and Edens Gardens oils. I very
    much appreciated your detailed analysis of the problems EG has been having. I
    have not written them off as it seems Grace is trying to improve and is
    weathering her storm *gracefully*. 🙂

  5. Nichole Reply

    Very informative, so thanks for taking the time to compile this list! I’m also a newbie, who got into essential oils In order to protect my late fur-child from all the toxic pet products on the market. It can be overwhelming, when you’re trying to do the right thing for the environment and your family’s health, and find deception in the fine print. There’s so much fine print! Anyway, this list helps a lot, and saves me a lot of time pouring through Google 🙂

    Any chance you have any information/opinion on the brands “Now” (Now Foods in Bloomingdale IL) or “Aura Cacia” (Frontier Natural Products Co-Op in Norway IA)? I’m going to check the other Facebook group links you posted now, and may find info there. Thanks again!

  6. Debbie Reply

    Hello. Any opinion on organic infusion. I’m bran new in the worl of EO. I just gave them 150 bucks. Hope it wasn’t a mistake.

    • carisal (@carisal1) Reply

      Organic infusions is very overpriced… a few companies I like, trust, and recommend are plant therapy, Florihana( ,,,, Sunrose aromatics,

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