Same Fish Supply… But Now With Fiber (And It’s Not the Good Kind)

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The fish supply is in big trouble.

Good golly. I feel like we are always reporting bad news about the earth’s fish supply. And while that’s totally depressing, we know that you’d rather us tell you bad news rather than pretend everything is A-OK, so, here it is: that fish your eating may now be full of synthetic fibers. We know…

A team of researchers from The University of California, Davis and Hasanuddin University in Indonesia found that sea life from different markets (some fish and shellfish were from Makassar, Inonesia, and others were from California) contained anthropogenic debris–things like rope, plastic, etc.,–inside the fish.

“In Indonesia, anthropogenic debris was found in 28 percent of individual fish and in 55 percent of all species,” the researchers reported in the study. “Similarly, in the U.S.A., anthropogenic debris was found in 25 percent of individual fish and in 67 percent of all species. Anthropogenic debris was also found in 33 percent of individual shellfish sampled.”

The study goes on to report that the anthropogenic debris found in fish from Indonesia was plastic, and the debris from the California fish was primarily fibers. The difference in debris is likely because of each country’s unique waste management strategy.

According to UC Davis, the study, which was printed in the journal Scientific Reports, “is one of the first to directly link plastic and human-made debris to the fish on consumers’ dinner plates.”

While this is all terrible news, UC Davis reports that all the plastic discovered inside the fish was in the animals’ stomachs. This means that humans would only be in danger of consuming the plastic if they ate the whole fish. Most Americans don’t eat the whole fish (unless the fish is a sardine or anchovy), but people in Indonesia do. So far, the jury is out on whether the chemicals in the plastic “can transfer into the meat.”

Well, we hope that the plastic just stays put, but either way, we’ve lost our appetite.

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