How Healthy is Your Ice Cream?

How Healthy is Your Ice Cream

A recent excursion to the grocery store inspired sharing this infographic with you, I was in search of ice cream, which didn’t seem like a very daunting task, at least at first. I wanted some vanilla and some chocolate, with the triple-digit temps we  have had lately a cool sweet treat was well overdue. There were myriads of brands and varieties to choose from but when you start looking at he ingredients the field gets narrowed pretty quickly.  If you are new to reading nutritional labels you will be surprised to what is in processed and prepackaged foods. A good rule of thumb if you are still unsure of what some of the ingredients are is to choose the variety or brand with the shortest ingredient list, this applies to ice cream as well as any processed food with the ingredients listed.  In order to find the most natural chocolate and vanilla, I had to get two different brands, so just remember to always read the labels even if you are familiar with the ingredients of one variety, the ingredients can vary greatly from one variety to the next, even among the same company or brand.  Always try to keep in mind, the less processed your ice cream is the higher fat content it may have, so eat in moderation, or try some organic  fruit sorbet.  Whatever you do, stay cool & be well!

Do you have a recipe for healthy ice cream, frozen yogurt,  fruit sorbet or some other healthy summertime treat? Share it with us, leave a comment or submit it here:

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As always if you have questions, let me know- I am here to help!    -Ellice

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