Health Benefits of Ixeris Chinensis

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Some of the most interesting health benefits of Ixeris chinensis include its ability to prevent certain allergic reactions, improve vision health, lower cholesterol, prevent certain types of cancer, and protect the immune system.

Ixeris Chinensis

This little-known species of Asian flowers, which is a member of the Ixeris genus, has been covered in only a handful of academic papers and publications, but it has become a very important flower due to its unique organic composition, which includes lutein, chinensiolides, sitosterols, and many other important nutrients that can have significant effects on the body. The flowers are small and yellow, with many stellates, while the perennial varieties of this plant will produce achenes. There are approximate 60 species of Ixeris within the genus, but the chinensis variety has received a great deal of attention. It can most commonly be found in nutritional supplement stores or herbal remedy distributors.

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