Health Benefits of Ivy

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Some of the most interesting health benefits of ivy include its ability to reduce inflammation, eliminate congestion, speed healing, soothe the stomach, increase oxygenation of the body, boost the immune system, and heal the skin.


Ivy is actually the common name of an entire genus of plants called Hederawhich are primarily found throughout Europe, Asia, northern Africa, and parts of the Pacific. There are approximately 15 species of ivy,which grow by crawling along the ground, until they reach a stable climbing surface, like a tree or a wall. At this point, the ivy can access sunlight more directly and can subsequently increase its growth rate. The leaves of ivy plants are not only ornamental, although they do look lovely on the sides of buildings, but also medicinal in nature. Ivy leaves have been used throughout traditional medicine from western Europe to eastern Asia for thousands of years, and have a very important place in culture and history.

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