Do you suffer from seasonal allergies? Try this simple remedy

The warm weather is here, everything is in bloom, a beautiful sight, but not if you suffer from hay fever or seasonal allergies. Personally, I always turn to natural remedies before conventional medicines, due to my tendency to have allergic reactions to medications. A useful remedy for allergy sufferers is eating local honey. Honey? Yes, honey, but it has to be local, raw honey. Eating local honey will sensitize you to pollens in the area and remedy your hay fever and its’ symptoms.  Add some organic, unfiltered apple cider vinegar and you will help restore balance to your body and reduce the reaction to the allergens.

Honey bee with filled pollen baskets.
Honey bee with filled pollen baskets. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Seasonal-Allergy Tonic

  • 2 Tbsp. Local raw honey
  • 2 Tbsp.  Organic, Unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar (I use Bragg brand)
  • warm water

Mix all ingredients together and drink, particularly useful during hay fever season, or when experiencing symptoms.

Caution: Pregnant women should not eat unpasteurized honey and it should only be given sparingly to children.  However as long as you buy cold-pressed honey it retains it healing properties, heated honey contains additives and loses its healing properties.

Have you had any success with this remedy? Do you have any questions? Leave a comment, I am here to help.

6 thoughts on “Do you suffer from seasonal allergies? Try this simple remedy

    • Ellice Campbell Post authorReply

      Even if you don’t have allergies this is a good general health tonic as well, I try to drink it daily with a squeeze of fresh lemon. What are your favorite natural remedies?

      • seastonesnatural Reply

        Ellice, I’ve been juicing carrots, beets, celery, greens, ginger and either apples, berries or grapes to sweeten. This has become a favorite. I’ll change when my tastes change – and I feel that my body knows what it needs.
        [Honey, lemon and ginger or cayenne in hot water is great when I feel the need to fight a virus. (or to soothe a winter chill) ]

        • Ellice Campbell Post authorReply

          Listening to your body is the best thing you could ever do, it will always let you know what it needs, thanks for sharing what works for you 🙂

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