Autumn Diffusing Blends

Personally, I opt for diffusing essential oils over mystery chemicals ANY DAY!
Did you know that the NRDC tested 14 different brands of common household air fresheners and found that 12 contained phthalates, including some marketed as “all natural” and even unscented. Of course, phthalates were nowhere listed on the labels.
A word here about the physical part of smelling something: When you inhale, you’re not simply breathing in some mysterious “scent” that you can’t see or feel. You’re inhaling molecules of a substance, in this case a dangerously toxic substance, which travel into your nose and then to your brain. Check out the article: Toxic Air Fresheners – The Scent of Danger in the Air:
Instead, try diffusing one of these great autumn recipe blends for essential oils, therapeutic benefits, no nasty chemicals! Want to know more? Send me a message. @ellicecampbell xo #PhenomenalFall #BeWell #HolisticHealth
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