Action Alert! Keep the artificial sweetener out of milk!


I want to share something with you that I feel is extremely important. Big food companies have a new secret weapon aimed right at our kid’s sweet tooth: milk.

Yes, milk. The powerful dairy lobby is pushing the FDA to approve the artificial sweetener aspartame for use in dairy products. The goal is to turn the wholesome drink into another artificial flavor-laden sweet snack.

Hyper-sweet additives like aspartame rewire children’s brains so that they always want sugary foods, turning the kids into tiny consumption machines. This constant craving fattens up the food companies’ bottom lines as it fattens up their customers, leading to our current obesity epidemic.

Tell the FDA to say no to artificial sweeteners in natural food. Stop unlabeled aspartame from entering our milk.

Thank you.



2 thoughts on “Action Alert! Keep the artificial sweetener out of milk!

  1. Three Well Beings Reply

    This is just crazy! I hadn’t heard this one, that’s for certain! I’ll be signing petitions and screaming loudly! Good grief, what’s next?

    • Ellice Campbell Post authorReply

      I agree, what’s wrong with food in its natural, unadulterated state?!? Oh wait you can’t patent nature unless you reformulate it!

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