Principles for Healthy Eating

Principles for Healthy Eating Healthy eating is the foundation for health & wellness, food is natures perfect medicine. If you’re not feeling great, your probably not eating very healthy. When you eat …

Thai Veggie soup

Thai Veggie Soup

Thai Veggie Soup I found this Thai Veggie Soup recipe in the Gluten-Free Vegan by Susan O’Brien while doing research for the Eat Better. Feel Better. Renewal Program. It has …

DIY: Valentine’s Day Gifts from the Heart

Just 10 more days until Valentine’s Day-while I don’t love the commercialized version of Valentine’s Day, any day devoted to declaring your love to others is a good day in my book. If you want to skip the basic candy and flowers and you are still pondering what to get your love, you have just enough time to complete one of these most heartfelt creative projects.